Part numbers explained

Visualplanet's touchfoil™ comes in a range of sizes and are often custom made to suit the customers requirements. Due to this visualplanet use a part number system which defines the specific details of every individual foil.

A touchfoil™s part number contains a wealth of information. Below is an example part number and a brief explanation of each section. 


- Screen Size: The size of the touchfoil diagonally

- Aspect Ratio: Visualplanet's touchfoil™ is available in 16:9, 4:3 and 21:9 formats

- Active Area: The area in which the touchfoil™ will recognise a touch

- Cut Area: The size of the touchfoil™ from edge to edge inclusive of borders

- Tail Length: The length of the touchfoil™s tail (electronics are connected to the end of the tail)

- Connector from cut edge: The distance from the PCB's connector to the edge of the touchfoil™

- Tail Details:


N** = Normal Tail

T** = Thin Tail

*B* = Bottom Electronics

*S* = Side Electronics

**U = USB

**R = Serial RS232

- Removable Controller: Specifies whether the touchfoil™ has removable electronics

- Split: How the wires are split across the X and Y axis 

- Driver: States the driver required by the touchfoil™

- Material: The material used to manufacture the touchfoil™ (specified by the customer) 

- Version number: Visualplanet's internal system version

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