Firmware update for Single User (SU2-80) controller board


A new firmware version can be loaded to the Single User controller board using the Firmware update feature available in the touchfoil configuration software


1. Make sure the contoller board is connected to the computer and fire up the  touchfoil configuration software.


2. Navigate to Firmware Update (located in the Troubleshoot section)


3. Press Choose File, locate the firware update file (*.vpu) in your computer and press Open.

4. Wait until the the firmware update process is complete. Once the "Firmware is updated successfully" message appear close the windos.

5. Verify the Current Version under the Info



* Note: The version number (e.g. v. 142122313) is explained as follows:

14 : Year (2014)
12: Month (December)
23: Day (23th)
13: Hour (13:00)

and therefore the 15020312 would be a newer version than 14122313.


 The following video demonstrates how to update the Firmware version of a Sinlge User controller board using the touchfoil™ configuration sofware. 


Download Download firmware available v. 16040514

Note: Firmware v.16040514 is compatible with the Configuration Software v.2.0.0 and onwards versions.

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