How to create a log file in SU2 (Single User)

If you need visualplanet to see how your visualplanet touchfoil™ is performing then you can record and email us a log file of the Single User test using the touchfoil™ Configuration Software.

Start by connecting the touchfoil™ to your computer and launching the Configuration Software.

  • Navigate to Troubleshoot / Graph window.
  • Under the Logging section of the graph window press the record button. 
  • Select if you want the touch enabled during your recording and choose a convenient save location and a meaningful name for the log file.
  • Run your finger slowly along the active area, both horizontally and vertically (X and Y axis directions) three times each way (see below) with the final test being along the tail (in an "x" direction only).
    Creating log file


  • Once this is done, stop the recording by pressing the stop button under the Logging section of the graph window.


Navigate to your previously selected save location and email the recorded file (*.log) to Visualplanet Customer Support along with a description of your issue, your system's setup (display size, & make/model, computer make/model, Operating System etc.) and your contact details.

We will be able to use your log file to replicate the performance of your unit and provide suitable advice.

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