How to create a log file in MA7

If you need visualplanet to see how your visualplanet touchfoil™ is performing then you can send us a log file of the MA7 Touch Software. Start by connecting the touchfoil™ to your computer and open MA7 Control. Now please follow these instructions:


•Select "File"

•Select "Log" then "Record"





•Leave the touchfoil™ alone for 10 seconds without touching the surface


•After 10 seconds has passed slowly run your finger along the active area, both horizontally and vertically (X and Y axis directions) three times each way (see below) with the final test being along the tail






•Select "File"


•Select "Log" then "Stop"





In the folder where you have saved the MA7 Control on your system you will now find a "MA7.LOG" file. (Please ensure that you allow file extensions to be viewed and that Windows has not hidden any file types on your system)



Send this file along with the "MA7.INI" file that you have been using to visualplanet Customer Support along with a description of the touch function you have tested and your contact details and we will be able to use this to assess the performance and setup of your visualplanet touchfoil™.

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