MA7 Control - Graph Tab

The Graph tab is the area in MA7 where you can see peaks representing the position of your finger running across the surface of the visualplanet touchfoil™. The size of these Peaks (distance away from starting point) will vary depending on the thickness of material, and the scan speed selected in MA7. 

Graph A is the touchfoil™ at rest. The wires should be moving around slightly as the system picks up random noise in its environment

Graph A - Not Touched



Graph B shows a touch detected in both the X and Y directions. As the user's finger moves around these peaks will move as well tracking the finger's position and XY coordinates.


Graph B - Showing Touch Detected



If the wrong driver is used or a previous driver was not stopped before the new driver was loaded (see "Warnings when Installing/Downloading multiple drivers" post) then a touch can be incorrectly detected. In Graph C, two touches in "Y" were detected instead of one in "X" and one in "Y".


Graph C - Showing Wrong Driver



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