How to create a log file in MT2

To help diagnose any driver setup issues, visualplanet support staff may ask for a logfile. Please ensure that the touchfoil is setup and running before recording the logfile.


 To begin to recording, click File -> Logging -> Record.



The 'Scan Rate' box will turn pink to confirm that it is recording.



You should leave the touchfoil for 10 seconds and then slowly run your finger systematically across the foil as shown in the image below.




When you have finished, stop recording the log file by clicking File -> Logging -> Stop and then direct yourself to the driver directory C:\touchfoildriver-MT2-64W.



You will find the recorded logfile in the 'Log' folder which you can then send to the visualplanet customer support team along with the MT2-64W.INI file (located in C:\touchfoildriver-MT2-64W\Bin folder) and a brief explanation of what issues you are having and your contact details.

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