Scenarios of using the visualplanet touchfoil™ with LCD Screens

Visual Planet's visualplanet's touchfoil™ is used with LCD in 3 scenarios:

  • As a sensor on a shop window. The LCD Screen is mounted behind the touchfoil™

  • The touchfoil™ is laminated to the glass using re-usable (cling) or permanent/permanent (clean peel) adhesive and the LCD Screen is internally positioned against the touchfoil™/window. In some cases the window is dressed with a vinyl so that the overall appearance is better and it doesn't look like a TV in the window.

  • The touchfoil™ s mounted on glass or acrylic and used to create an overlay. This can be either in an aperture in a wall, on a trade show as a stand, in the case of a totem or kiosk or an outdoor enclosure. The touchfoil™ is mounted on the glass or acrylic and then the LCD display is mounted behind the sensor.
  • Visualplanet's touchfoil™ on glass in an aperture in a wall

  • Visualplanet's touchfoil™ on glass mounted in front of multiple LCD's at trade show

  • Visualplanet's touchfoil™ on glass built into a totem with LCD behind

  • Visualplanet's touchfoil™ built into tabletop

  • Integration of the touchfoil™ into an LCD unit


This is a special case and some special design work and customisation of the touchfoil™ and glass is normally required. Usually this is done by experienced integrators.

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