Can two touchfoils be placed next to each other?

Visualplanet have experience of touchfoils on separate pieces of glass which have a 1 mm separation and conductive tape on the glass edges. Ideally the touchfoils are 200 mm from each other, but this distance is subject to testing, and will vary depending on the size of the touchfoil™. Generally the larger the touchfoil™ the larger the distance will become.

When installing the touchfoils in close proximity of one another please consider the following:

  • A gap of 20mm gap between the touchfoil™ and the conductive tape is required
  • Conductive tape must be grounded in order to function correctly
  • Conductive tape should be 25mm in width
  • Overlap the conductive tape at the corners to get a good connection between each strip of tape
  • Metal/aluminium frames must be grounded

Visualplanet recommend conductive tape from RS found here.

Note: The tape is only 12mm wide. This is not a problem as you can run strips together to make up the 25mm required.

If you need further assistance please discuss this with the visualplanet customer support team.

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