Uninstalling and removing the Windows MA9 Software

Instructions for uninstalling version: MA9 v9.4.x

Step 1

Terminate the driver
For successful uninstall the driver must be stopped before the uninstall is initiated.

This is best done with the 'Windows Task Manager'. Look for 'javaw.exe' in the 'Process' list and 'End' the process. 

Step 2

Navigate to the installation folder C:\touchfoildriver-MA9\ and invoke "Uninstall.exe" file.


Instructions for previous driver versions

For older driver versions, a manual unistall is required:

  • Terminate the driver (Terminate the "javaw.exe" process in Windows task manager)
  • Navigate to the installation directory
  • Delete WMA9touchfoil
  • Change directory to %username%\Desktop and delete WMA9touchfoil Control shortcut
  • Change directory to Startup folder and delete WMA9Driver Shortcut

 Should you require any additional information, please contact support@visualplanet.biz


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