MA9 calibration on Mac OS X doesn't save after computer restart

This is a common issue with permissions on the MA9 configuration file (MA9_0.INI). On some computers when the driver is installed, the permissions are set so that only the current user can write to the configuration file. The MA9 Controller GUI also needs permission to write the calibration values to this file.

If the MA9 Controller GUI does not have permissions to write to the configuration file, your calibration and program settings will not be saved after the MA9 Driver is closed (e.g. when the computer restarts).

To check and change the permissions of the MA9_0.INI configuration file:

  1. First navigate using Finder to the touchfoil-mma9 folder located in "Applications"
  2. Now navigate to the "bin" folder
  3. Now select the "MA9_0.INI file and click the "More Info..." button, or use the key combination "CMD + i"
  4. The info window will appear. Towards the bottom you will see a section called "Sharing & Permissions". Make sure that the section is expanded by clicking the grey arrow to the left of the section heading. You should see a small table
  5. If the table is greyed out, you will need to unlock the section using the little padlock in the bottom right corner of the info window
  6. Now make sure that all users have permissions to "Read & Write" to the file by clicking the Privilege and selecting "Read & Write" for both "staff" and "everyone"
  7. Now you can click the lock again to lock the section, and close the info window
  8. The driver should now have the correct permissions to write the calibration settings to the configuration file

If you cannot see an MA9_0.INI file in the "bin" folder, you will need to repeat the above procedure with the bin folder (select the "bin" folder itselft and bring up the info window...)

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