MA7 How To Change Touchscreen Orientation

In this example the orientation is North and South and the following directories were used:

  • C:\Touchscreen
  • C:\Touchscreen\VPT-North
  • C:\Touchscreen\VPT-South

To set-up the North/South options run MA7_Control in both orientations and save the coordinates (INI File) in the appropriate directories.

The following uses a simple dos file with commands nested, a more sophisticated script could be used i.e. powershell or java. 

To stop the Touchscreen Driver running create a bat file i.e. kill.MA7.bat with the following contents:

@echo off
taskkill/F/IM MA7_Driver.exe

To start the Touchscreen Driver running create two more bat files: 

Start Touchscreen South orientation i.e. startTS.bat:

@echo off

Start Touchscreen North orientation i.e. startTN.bat:

@echo off
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