How can I re-pack the touchfoil™ and send it to visualplanet safely without placing the touchfoil™ at risk of being damaged?

In the event of returning a visualplanet touchfoil™ to visualplanet please follow the instructions below to ensure that the touchfoil™ is delivered to visualplent in a suitable condition in order for any repair work to be carried out. Failure to repackage the touchfoil™ in a suitable manner can result in the materials being damaged. This will either ruin the optical quality, or the overall functionality of the product, via kinks or scratches to the surface of the touch screen. 

    • Maintain possession of the inner and outer packaging tubing originally sent by visualplanet or a visualplanet touchfoil™ reseller. If you do not have these materials please request them from visualplanet.
    • Lay out the touchfoil™ on a clean surface.
    • Either lay the enclosed sheets of tissue paper over the foil or use a similar material to do so.
  • Position the inner packaging tube wrapped in a white protective sheet at end A oppositite to the electronic control board (end B). Please see diagram below:
  • Take end A of the visualplanet touchfoil™ and tightly, yet, gently begin wrapping it around the tube. The white protective sheet will eliminate risk of scratching from the tube itself. Ensure it is as tight as can be, without ruining the touchfoil™, otherwise it will come unwrapped during transit and possibly damage the touchfoil™
  • Once you are nearing the electronic control board (end B) stop rolling. Position a small layer of the white protective sheet over the electronic control board. You will now need to take the larger white protective sheet enclosed and position it over the touchfoil™, about an inch into the active area. Please see diagram below: 
    • Continue wrapping the inner packaging tube with the touchfoil™ away from end A and you will see the larger white protective sheet wrapping around the touchfoil. This will eliminate risk of the touchfoil™ being scratched
  • Once fully wrapped, position 3 or 4 (depending on the size of the foil) small pieces of masking tape to ensure that the white protective sheet remains in position. Tuck the excess material at ends C and D inside the inner packaging tube. Next, wrap masking tape around the ends of the tube at ends C and D. Ensure that this tape does not go over the touchfoil™ material within the wrapping. The intention of this masking tape is to keep the touchfoil™ in position and eliminate risk of the touchfoil™ moving up and down the tube in transit. Please see diagram below: 

  • Take the outer packaging tube, position some white protective material into the tube and gently insert the wrapped foil into the outer tube. Also ensure that your Customer Returns Form along with RMA Number is inside of the package. Once fully in, take another piece of white protective material and position is at the top.
  • Finally place the lid on the tube and with electrical/gaffa tape generously secure the lids at both ends into place.

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