Visualplanet Interpreter

Visualplanet Interpreter


The visualplanet touchfoil™ outputs data that represents the changes of capacitance on wires within the touchscreen sensor and this is not in an XY format. The conversion to XY is normally done by the driver in the PC. The visualplanet interpreter takes the data from the visualplanet touchfoil™, converts the data to an XY format and outputs it as USB HID Mouse emulation.


The Interpreter application as well as the Quick Start Guide, the Technical Guide and the Configuration Utility Guide are attached in the present article.


Should you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact


IMPORTANT NOTE: An End of Sales & End of Life Notice has been issued for this product.


Attached files: Visualplanet Interpreter Technical Guide HID2a.pdf, Visualplanet Interpreter Quick Start Guide HID2a.pdf, Visualplanet Interpreter Configuration Utility Guide.pdf,

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