Air Gap

The touchfoil™ can be integrated with LCD displays.

When installing the display it is critical that there is a sufficient and consistent air gap between the back of the touchfoil™ and the LCD panel. The air gap prevents excessive electrical noise from the LCD  and the associated electronics components causing interference to the touch sensor.

It is always recommended to use commercial grade displays as these are designed specifically for 24h use and generate much lower levels of electrical interference.

Visualplanet recommends solid rubber or plastic gaskets between the glass and the monitor to maintain a stable and constant gap.

The minimum air gap required depends on the product.

New Gen controllers minimum air gap 2-4mm

New Gen AXX (9279) controller
New Gen BXX (5+2) controller


SU2-80 controller minimum air gap 4-8mm (larger air gap might be required for high bright displays)

Although there is no restriction for the maximum air gap, in order to avoid parallax issues, the minimum required air gap is recommended.