Android calibration (AXX/BXX) using a 3rd party app (TSCalibration2)

The calibration method described in the How to set-up a touchfoil on Mac, Linux, Android, and Media Players article is the preferred method as it has the advantage of storing the calibration data in the touchfoil’s controller board.  This means that should you need to replace the PC or the media box, you can do so without the need of re-calibrating as long as the relative position of the display and the touchfoil remain the same.

However, some Android boxes come with preconfigured touch orientation which might cause the above method to fail. Some boxes would allow the modification of the touch orientation through their Display menu otherwise the box supplier would need to be contacted to provide modified build.

Alternatively, a third party calibration application can be used:

  • Download TSCalibration2.apk from github
  • Install TSCalibration2 using any Apk Installer
  • Launch the TSCalibration2 application and follow on-screen instructions
Note: Calibration data using this method will be stored in the host box so should you need to replace the box, the calibration should be performed again.

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