touchfoil™ compatible Glass

The touchfoil™ works with a variety of glass types, including anti-reflective and mirror glass, suitable for a large range of applications as shown in the list below.

When sourcing glass to be used with touchfoil™ ensure that the glass is non-metallic and non-conductive.  Low-E, K-Glass, and other metal tints stop the touchfoil™ from working. We are happy to test customer samples to ensure compatibility with our products.

  1. Standard low iron float glass
  2. HammerGlass
  3. Guardian Industries | Dielectric Glass (DM 60/40)
  4. Schott | Amiran
  5. SCHOTT | Conturan Daro (blue)
  6. AGC | Stopsol
  7. Sevasa | Etched glass
  8. Europtec | Eagle Etch (anti-glare)
  9. NSG Pilkington | OptiView™ Ultra
  10. NSG Pilkington | MirrorView™ Gen2 50%
  11. NSG Pilkington | MirrorView™ Gen2 52%
  12. NSG Pilkington | MirrorView™ Gen2 64%
  13. Groglass | Sapphire (AR) single side coated
  14. Groglass | Sapphire (AR) double side coated

*NSG Pilkington has worked extensively with Visualplanet to create a range of mirrored glass called “MirrorView™ Generation 2” with works perfectly with the touchfoil™. When sourcing MirrorView™ ensure it is “Generation2” as the first generation of MirrorView™ is conductive and therefore not compatible with the touchfoil™.

If unsure about your glass, we recommend to contact us for testing advice prior to applying the touchfoil™ or ship a sample to Visualplanet for testing.  The Merlin Lazer Low E Coating Detector is a good solution to detect conductivity.