What is the touchfoil™ and how does it work?

The visualplanet touchfoil™ is an optically clear thin-film touch sensor that uses Projective Capacitance touch technology.

When applied under or behind any non-metallic substrate (such as glass), it creates a through material (glass) touch system

When a user’s finger or gloved hand comes close to the surface it causes a disturbance in the electrical field produced by the sensor, which is then detected as a touch event. The position of the touch is then precisely calculated to provide a touch function or a mouse click.

Benefits of the touchfoil™
  • No mechanical wear as you are not touching the touch sensor directly- only the substrate it is working through
  • Lightweight and easy to apply to a range of materials: glass, acrylic, wood etc.
  • Easily distributed worldwide as touchfoil™ rolls up in a tube
  • Can be made quickly in custom sizes to meet your requirements
  • Simple setup of calibration, sensitivity etc.
  • Works with LCD/LED display panels, and rear/front projection systems. Please note: LEDs are LCDs with LED backlights!
  • Works with gloved hands
  • Ideal for vandal-proof installations as the touchfoil™ can work through up to 15mm glass