touchfoil™ Part Numbers explained

Visualplanet’s touchfoil™ comes in a range of sizes and are often custom made to suit the customer’s requirements. Due to this fact, visualplanet uses a part number system which defines the specific details of every individual touchfoil.

A touchfoils part number contains a wealth of information. Below are two examples of our part number and a brief explanation of each section.

Touchfoil size & format: The size of the touchfoil diagonally

Screen format: Visualplanet’s touchfoil is available in 16:9, 4:3 and 21:9 formats

Active Area: The area in which the touchfoil will recognize a touch

Cutline size: The size of the touchfoil from edge to edge inclusive of borders

Tail Length: The length of the touchfoils tail (electronics are connected to the end of the tail)

Tail Position: The distance from the PCB’s connector to the edge of the touchfoil

Tail Details:
WS = Window (wide tail no polyimide) Short edge
WL = Window (wide tail no polyimide) Long edge
IS = Integrated (thin tail with polyimide) Short edge
IL = Integrated (thin tail with polyimide) Long edge

Wire Split: How the wires are split across the X and Y axis

touchfoil Configuration Software and Controller board required

Material: The material used to manufacture the touchfoil (specified by the customer)

Plot system version number: Visualplanet’s internal system version