NSG Pilkington MirrorView Gen2

NSG Pilkington has worked closely with Visualplanet to create a range of mirrored glass called “MirrorView™ Generation 2” which works perfectly with the touchfoil™. When sourcing MirrorView ensure it is “Generation2” as the first generation of MirrorView is conductive and therefore not compatible with the touchfoil.

NSG Group and visualplanet to exhibit integrated smart mirror at ISE 2017



If unsure about your glass, please see below for ways to it:

  1. Use a multimeter to measure the ohmic resistor between two points of the glass. Repeat on the other side. If either gives you a reading that side would be conductive.
  2. Apply a sample touchfoil or a reusable to the mirror glass and test the performance.
  3. Use a Merlin Lazer Low E Coating Detector, it will beep when in contact with metallic glass.

(Note: The 1st generation MirrorView is conductive on one side only. The touchfoil is not compatible with this glass as there is no signal penetration due to the conductive characteristics)

Please contact Visualplanet support for advice prior to applying the touchfoil if required or consider shipping a sample to Visualplanet for testing.