Repacking the touchfoil™ in a tube

If there is a need to repack a touchfoil™ (e.g. re-usable unit, need to be returned to the manufacturer etc.) please use the original packing if possible and follow the instructions below:

  • Lay the touchfoil™ down making sure the gold contacts are facing up.
  • Lay tissue paper down over the touchfoil™.

  • Position a small layer of the white foam sheet over the ribbons.
  • Position the inner packing tube wrapped in white foam at end A opposite to the ribbon strip (end B). Please see diagram.

  • Take end A of the touchfoil™ and tightly, but gently begin to wrap it around the tube.

When rolling the touchfoil™, make sure to lift the tube up a little when the touchfoil™ meets itself – otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the corners by folding them over. The white foam sheet that is wrapped around the tube will eliminate the risk of scratching from the tube itself.

Ensure the touchfoil™ is wrapped as tight as it can be, without been damaged otherwise it might come unwrapped during transit.

  • Take the rest of white foam sheet and position it over the touchfoil™, about an inch into the active area. Please see diagram.

  • Continue to roll the inner tube with touchfoil™ towards end B – the white foam sheet will be wrapping around the touchfoil™. This will eliminate the risk of the touchfoil™ being scratched.
  • Once fully wrapped, attach 3 or 4 (depending on the size of the touchfoil™) pieces of masking tape to hold the foam in place.

Ensure two pieces of masking tape are directly on either side of the ribbon strip. This will help keep the foam sheet flat against touchfoil™ so it won’t snag when it is inserted into the outer tube.

  • Tuck the excess foam material at ends C and D inside the inner packing tube.

  • Wrap masking tape around the ends of the tube at ends C and D.

Ensure that this tape does not go over the touchfoil™ material while wrapping.

The intention of this masking tape is to keep the touchfoil™ in position and eliminate the risk of the touchfoil™ moving up and down the tube while in transit.

  • Place foam insert into one end of the tube
  • Carefully slide the inner tube with the touchfoil™  foam insert end first carefully into the outer tube making sure the foam doesn’t rub against the inside of the outer tube.
  • Slide in all or any the required components for the order inside the inner tube then put the other foam insert into the top of the tubes to limit the risk the inner tube sliding around during transit.

  • To finish place caps on the tube and secure with tape.