Repacking touchfoils™ in a box (flat pack)

If there is a need to repack touchfoil(s)™ (e.g. need to be returned to the manufacturer due to cosmetic defects etc.) please use the original packing and follow the instructions below

  • Place a piece of tissue paper on the card separator then carefully lift the touchfoil™ into position on the card separator.

  • Place another piece of tissue paper on top of the touchfoil™.

  • Secure the four corners of the touchfoil™ with tape to ensure the touchfoil™ doesn’t move in transit.

  • Place the card separator with the touchfoil™ on into the box.
  • Continue this process alternate the touchfoil™ by rotating 180 degrees each time so the tails are at opposite ends.

Maximum of 20 touchfoils™ in the box.

  • Place one more piece of cardboard (or more if required) on top followed by the top piece of foam and then the lid to reduce movement during transit to a minimum.