How to set-up a touchfoil on Mac, Linux, Android and Media Player

The touchfoil™ Configuration Software is not compatible with Linux (supported in SU2-80), Android, MAC (needs a special driver for SU & MU products) or Media Players at this point in time, so to set-up one of these systems the touchfoil™needs to be pre-configured using a Windows-based PC.

On successful completion of the process, the setup data will be stored on the controller board and the touchfoil™can be connected to any system as plug ‘n’ play.

To pre-configure the touchfoil in this way, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Connect the display to be used (with the touchfoil in the correct relative position) to a Windows PC via HDMI, DVI, and VGA etc.

Step 2

Download the correct touchfoil™ Configuration Software from our website.

Step 3

Install and run the touchfoil™ Configuration Software on your Windows PC.

Step 4

Follow the setup instructions according to your touchfoil/controller board type.

Step 5

Connect the display to the other host (Mac, Android or Media Player) that you intend to use.

Disconnect the USB cable from the Windows PC and connect it to the host (Mac, Linux, Android or Media Player) that you intend to use.

Once the touchfoil and display are connected, check the functionality and accuracy of the touchfoil™.

If the touchfoil does not work correctly please contact Visualplanet support.

Multiple Displays
Please connect only the display to be used with the touchfoil™ or use “Duplicate” mode (under Display Setting in Windows systems).
The calibration routine is using the desktop resolution for its calculations. More than one connected display (in extended mode) will increase the desktop from the single display resolution (e.g. 1920×1080) to the combined resolution of both displays (3840×1080) and the calibration process will not scale correctly.

In addition to the above procedure, AXX / BXX products (tested with MAC OS X 10.12 (Sierra)) require a driver.       Download Driver

If the above procedure fails to calibrate your Android box, an alternative method is available.

Info pending.