Will the touchfoil™ work through double glazing?

It is not recommended for the touchfoil™ to be used through double glazing as the performance will be either be significantly reduced or prevented from working altogether due to the following:

  • Size of the air gap between the glazing
  • Most recent installations have metal coatings (for energy saving reasons) which prevent the touchfoil working
  • If you are able to make the touch work you will only achieve “point and press” no drag

Our recommendation is to replace the glass with single glazing if this is possible.

If you do wish to attempt to use the touchfoil™ on double glazing, it is advised to run a  conductivity test on the glass in advance. There are devices which can detect metal coating such as Merlin Lazer Low E Coating Detector.

Advanced settings for tuning a touchfoil (SU2-80) are available.

Advanced Settings